What Are Dentures and Partial Dentures?

Dentures and partial dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace missing teeth and improve your quality of life. When you have missing teeth, it can be uncomfortable to perform normal daily activities like eating and talking.


At Saba and Romanin Dental Associates in Sun Lakes, Arizona our team understands the frustration that missing teeth can cause, which is why we work to help you get the smile you want. We match your dentures to your teeth color so that the new dentures blend together with your other teeth seamlessly.


Full dentures are a great option if you are missing all of your teeth in the upper and/or lower part of your mouth. If you’re only missing a few teeth, partial dentures can fill the gaps and keep your surrounding teeth from shifting.


Full dentures can either be “conventional” or “immediate.” Conventional dentures are made after the teeth are removed and the gum tissue has had 4 to 6 weeks to heal. Immediate dentures are made in advance and placed on the same day the teeth are extracted so you will be able to have teeth as your mouth heals. Adjustments are typically necessary as the cheeks, lips and tongue adapt to the new appliance.

Who Is Eligible for Dentures and Partial Dentures?


The most common reason people get dentures is to replace missing teeth. When you chew with dentures, the jaw bone is stimulated and regenerates over time. This can help you chew, talk and smile with comfort and confidence again. Dentures can also help maintain your facial shape and jaw strength. If you have missing teeth, you may be a candidate for either complete or partial dentures.

The Procedure for Getting Dentures


The first step toward your new smile is scheduling a consultation to determine whether complete dentures or partial dentures are right for you. After your consultation, the process of getting dentures will take several appointments over the following weeks.


At your first appointment, we will take impressions of your mouth and measurements of your teeth to ensure that your custom dentures have an ideal fit. At the following appointments, you will have the opportunity to try on your new dentures to check that the shape, color, and fit are all correct.


At your final appointment, we will adjust and place the denture so that it fits comfortably and naturally. We will also provide you with care instructions to keep your new smile clean and healthy and help your dentures last a long time.


Don’t worry if you notice that you have an increased saliva flow, soreness, or difficulty speaking and chewing after you get your new dentures. These symptoms are normal and will go away once your muscles and tissues adjust to your new custom dentures. If any symptoms persist, schedule another appointment so that we can make the necessary adjustments.


Smile Again in Sun Lakes, Arizona


Don’t let missing teeth stop you from smiling and doing what you love. Dentures can replace missing teeth and improve your oral health. Choose dentures from Saba and Romanin Dental Associates in Sun Lakes, Arizona, and smile confidently and comfortably again. Our dentists, Dr. Romanin and Dr. Saba have served the Sun Lakes community together since 1991. We’ll work with you to give you the smile you need!

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